As it turns out… Suh called 911 and didn’t flee last weeks accident scene


Here’s a lesson in waiting to hear both sides of the story before passing ultimate judgement… even in Ndamukong Suh’s case who has made his fair share of off the field (and on the field) mistakes.

According to the Dearborn Police (via a 911 tape obtained by FOX2 News), Suh actually called 911 first and didn’t leave the scene of the accident like he was originally accused back in the early morning hours of October 11th.

Last week, Steve Vines of Livonia told police and local media that the Lions DT sideswiped him damaging his car and left the scene of the accident forcing him to call 911. We now know that at least some of that statement is false as Suh contacted police at 6:28AM ET, one minute before Vines’ call went in.

Here is a portion of that 911 call made by Suh:

“Yeah, I have a guy that just cut me off and I tried to go around him, and now he tried to hit me when I went around him after he cut me off,” Suh said on the 911 call. “I don’t trust this person. I just took his license plate. I’m a Detroit Lion and I’m going to take myself to work, which is right here, and can the police meet me there, please?”

“I’m about to take a left to go to the facility.”

“What’s your name?” the dispatcher asked.

“Mr. Suh,” he said.

“Where are you going to meet us at the entrance there?” the dispatcher said.

“Yes, meet me at the entrance, please,” Suh said.

When police arrived they didn’t issue citations to either party as fault couldn’t be determined. After being lambasted for yet another off field incident, it appears as though Suh was taking the right steps in acting responsibly while Vines was looking for his 15 minutes.

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