Texas sportscaster Dale Hansen obliterates Michael Sam to NFL detractors


Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA Dale Hansen went for the win when addressing the detractors of Michael Sam and his journey to the NFL during his “Dale Hansen Unplugged” segment the other day. During the editorial Hanson essentially destroyed any argument against Sam (who announced he is gay last Sunday) playing in the NFL specifically those saying it would create an uncomfortable atmosphere within the locker room.

Hanson doesn’t name names but mentions the various players in the NFL who get busted for drunken driving, beat women, do drugs, murder, cover-up murder, rape, etc yet are still accepted within the NFL culture. Yet when a ‘man loves another man’ it’s deemed unacceptable.

He finishes with a big picture quote stating he’s “not always comfortable when a man tells (him) he is gay,” and that he doesn’t “understand his world” but he does “understand that he is part of” his world.

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