Rivals.com is creeping on sixth graders now



Rivals.com may of sunk to new levels this past Friday when it was announced they’re actually scouting 6th graders.

After apparently making a big impression at the NextGen Boston camp, middle schoolers Tyson Thornton and Daron Bryden became the target of the creepy rusted out old van with Rivals.com spray painted on the side.


Here’s what the website had to say:

As impressive at those performances were there were seven athletes that have had their profiles added to the Rivals.com recruiting database. Tyson Thornton and Daron Bryden will be the first 6th grade prospects the website will actively monitor. Thornton is a 5-foot-11, 167-pound running back with great explosiveness and surprisingly good body control for a kid his size and age. Bryden, a small quarterback with a big arm is incredibly composed and very polished — and he can make every throw. And with a father standing nearly 6-foot-7, he may soon have the body to match his arm. Both of these young players were so impressive they were moved up to compete against the eighth grade prospects.

“He may soon have a body to match his arm”… It sounds like NAMBLA got into the recruiting business. And I’m talking football recruiting.

Perhaps though it’s not just Rivals.com, maybe this entire country as sunk to a new level?

h/t: SportingNews, The Big Lead

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