Little kid throws away foul ball at Oakland A’s game


Aside from the Oakland A’s pitching Sunday and Josh Donaldson wetting himself the funniest thing that happened during Sunday’s game with the Tigers was in the stands.

When a foul ball was hit into the stands, a fan caught it and promptly handed it to a dad who was attending the game with his family that included two small children. When gifted the ball the dad handed the it to one of his sons who quickly threw it away as the brother and mother looked on.

And what do you expect? The poor kid sat there seeing a bunch of guys throw the same ball around on the field you had to figure one of the first things he’d think of doing is… throw the ball.

Things ended with a happy ending though according to Fox Sports Detroit who reported that the ushers at the O.co Coliseum returned the ball back to the two kids.


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