PHOTO: Tony Dungy boarding a plane to Detroit add to the Lions coaching rumors


Super Bowl XLVI Broadcasters Press Conference

The pipe dream for a vast majority of Lions fans is the team hiring current NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy as the next head coach.

Why is it a pipe dream though? Well first he’s got a pretty comfy studio job that doesn’t require him to deal with the rigors of an NFL head coaching job. Second, he’s pretty much come out and said he doesn’t want to come out of retirement and return to the NFL sidelines.

Good enough right?

Well then there were those comments late last week on the Dan Patrick show where Dungy had to go out and say IF he were to come back to the NFL it would be with the Detroit Lions.

Was Dungy being genuine or simply telling Lions fans what they wanted to hear?


Then there was more fuel to the speculative fire this morning when what I presume was a Lions fan tweeting a photo of Dungy (or a pretty good doppelganger) boarding a plane en route to Detroit.

So did the Ford family actually call Dungy after his comments last week and see if he wanted to come in for an interview? I guess it’s possible. The Detroit Free Press’ Dave Birkett even texted Dungy who didn’t deny he was on his way to the Motor City for non-football related business?

Makes sense too, Dungy IS from Jackson, Michigan. But then again it is fun to speculate.


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