NFL Pro Bowl Fail: League puts wrong Lions logo on Pro Bowl jerseys


bbq-vrjcuaam6at-jpg-largeFor a League that hands out $10,500 dollar fines for wearing your socks too low in a game, you’d think they’d get their own uniform rules right…


During Sunday’s Pro Bowl in Honolulu, the NFL had Lions Pro Bowlers Ndamukong Suh and Don Muhlbach were sporting the NFC jerseys with Lions logo on the upper right chest.

The only problem was it was the logo used prior to the 2003 season.

At least the gaffe seems to fit the general theme of the Pro Bowl as it’s a huge failure to begin with.

[insert bad Lions joke here]

This is especially since the Lions have had two revamps to the logo since 2003…


h/t:, USA Today


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