New Tigers batting practice caps revealed and to some criticism


The Detroit Tigers will have a new look when they step out onto the field for Spring Training this February. Yes there will be some new faces like Torii Hunter and returning faces like Victor Martinez, however when Detroit does make their 2013 debut in Lakeland, Florida they’ll also be sporting some new batting practice hats much like the rest of the 29 MLB teams.

Uni Watch (via ESPN) unveiled the new looks for the entire MLB and mentioned that changing up batting practice hats is a common occurrence every four years.

For the Tigers the changes will come to both their home and road caps. On the home caps the white piping has been eliminated in favor of an all white cap a navy blue brim. The Old English ‘D’ will be featured on the white top in navy and outlined in white.

For the road caps and much like the home caps the orange piping has been eliminated. Instead the Tigers will have an all grey top with a navy brim. A navy Old English ‘D’ will also be featured this time though outlined in orange.

Uni Watch gave both caps a C-minus grade which was on the lower end when matched up against the rest of the 29 teams.

Uni Watch via The Detroit Free Press:

Of the home look, it wrote: “A white front panel? For the Tigers? Just the thought of Jim Leyland wearing this is embarrassing. Actually, he looked pretty embarrassing (and embarrassed) in last year’s BP cap design, too.”

Of the road look, it wrote: “At least the crown is all one color. But gray? Snoozers. Which rhymes with ‘losers.'”

The Tigers did however fair better in the grading than the Atlanta Braves who received an F for bringing back the old ‘screaming Indian’ logo.

h/t: ESPN, Uni Watch, Detroit Free Press

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