Zach Randolph was arrested with a shit ton of weed


Zach Randolph

Sacramento Kings forward Zach Randolph was prepared for a little supply and demand the other night.

According to TMZ, Randolph was arrested in Los Angeles Wednesday night for allegedly being in possession of two pounds of weed stowed away in a “large backpack”.

Apparently police got to Randolph after responding to a large party around 10 pm local time that including people smoking, playing loud music and blocking the roadway.

However it was after police made their initial arrests that things started to get hostile.

TMZ reports the large crowd became unruly and started slashing the tires and smashing the windows of six LAPD squad cars. Police eventually got the situation under control after forming a “battle line” and calling for backup.

In the end, two guns, drugs and a large amount of cash was recovered from the scene while two cars were also impounded.

As far Randolph, it looks like he’s going to be charged with possession with intent to sell which is a felony. All this coming after Randolph signed a two-year, $24 million dollar contract with the Kings in the offseason.

Stay tuned.

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