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Super Bowl

Unless you were being held captive in North Korea you would know by now the Patriots completed an unbelievable 25 point comeback to beat the Falcons 34-28 in the first ever Super Bowl overtime.

It was remarkable to say the absolute very least which likewise could be said about Tom Brady who secured his fifth Super Bowl victory cementing himself as the greatest quarterback to ever set foot on a football field.

New England‘s win also seemingly wrote the final chapter (or so we think) between that ongoing NFL/Patriot feud that came to a head when Roger Goodell suspended Tom Brady for the first four games of this season in the wake of DeflateGate.

However there’s still some out there that believe the NFL was somehow fixing Super Bowl 51 based on some declaration Joe Buck made during overtime.

Because I’m sure there’s nothing else Goodwell would want more than to swallow his pride and present Tom Brady and the New England Patriots with their fifth title… Especially after he so eloquently swallowed that same amount of pride when he wouldn’t let some asinine deflated football scandal go.

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