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WATCH: Jazz fans burn Gordon Hayward jersey’s because there’s nothing else to do in Utah


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The big news coming out of the fourth of July was Gordon Hayward in fact deciding to bolt Utah for a reunion with his old college coach Brad Stevens in Boston with the Celtics. The decision came after Hayward’s agent originally denied the report that his client would be making his way to the Celtics which presumably was done in an effort to get more reads for Hayward’s recently released Player’s Tribune write-up.

After seven years in Utah, I have decided to join the Boston Celtics.

I know that will be tough to hear for Jazz fans — and I really want you all to know that you mean the world to me and my family. Over the past few days, I’ve been genuinely torn. And I know that this process isn’t easy on the fans, either. So I just want to be as straight-up as possible about why I’m coming to Boston.

Hayward’s words of appreciation and gratitude apparently however fell on some deaf ears for some Jazz fans who took to social media to sounds off on how the Butler alum was a traitor while proceeding to burn his jersey.

Gordon Hayward spent the first seven-years of his career with the Jazz that yielded not much in return the player or city other than a nice new deal in Boston. On that note I’m not quite sure what else Utah wanted from Hayward? Meanwhile The Big Lead asked the question as to whether or not Hayward’s jersey was even worth burning?

I’m under the impression however Hayward’s jersey burning illustrates the notion that there’s nothing better to do in Utah.

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