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Watch Cleveland fans make asses out of themselves over their team’s racist logo



Sports can bring out the best and absolute worst in people who especially can be the case when a fan base tries to defend and outdated and outright racist logo or namesake.

Take for instance Cleveland‘s Chief Wahoo logo which granted has been associated with the team since 1946 but continues to be highly contentious, again despite how racist and out of touch it may be.

And speaking of out of touch, here’s a video from showing some Tribe fans during opening day Tuesday mitigate racism because you know… baseball.

One of the best parts of the video was the one fan who was telling the protestors to get a job despite him being at they same day game.

Anyways, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has reportedly – according to USA Today – had ‘productive discussions’ regarding the team ‘transitioning away’ from the bigoted logo. But that seemed to be the same story told last season prior to the playoffs and Cleveland riding a wave of racism on their hats all the way to the World Series.

In any sense it’s sad the debate over a baseball team profiting over a clearly offensive logo is still a thing in 2017. But as we’ve seen before, whether it’s the NCAA slapping Penn State on the wrist over the Sandusky turmoil or this people continue to take a backseat in the generally mundane nature of sports.

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