The Star Wars order has totally stumped Mike Francesa


Mike Francesa

The latest installment of the Star Wars saga, ‘The Force Awakens’ opened up at theaters Friday to much fanfare around the World. The hype and excitement trickled into the sports world and onto Mike Francesa show as fans asked him about the movies. This however is when things started to go array for Francesa and further escalated when he was told by his producer that this latest movie is actually the seventh installment and that George Lucas began the series by premiering episode four first.

Anyways… here’s a transcript of Francesa’s bumbling via For The Win:

Who cares? You release a move, then you release a movie, then you release another movie. So the first movie they released is 1. That’s the first movie they released. Why would it be 4 if that’s the first movie they release?

How do you start with part 4 if no one had seen anything apart from the first movie? What was it four of?

How could they start with 4? What was it 4 of? Four WHAT?

How was it 4 to them? How could something be 4 if no one’s seen it yet?

If it’s 4 of a book, then I would understand, but if it’s not a book, then what would it possibly be?

I’m actually more confused by Francesa and not Lucas’ choice in the order. If you watched the movies you’d realize why Mr. Lucas decided to start with four instead of one. It’s a much more compelling story and puts some context into the previous trilogy. One hundred dollars though to the guy who tries to explain that to Francesa.

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