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The Sandlot Report 44: MLB Contender Problems



In this weeks episode we go down the line of MLB contenders and highlight some of their biggest weaknesses. Will these weaknesses end up costing them when it comes to he postseason? We also debut the top five and bottom five in baseball.

MLB Contender Problems

Whether it’s the Dodgers and their bullpen, the Yankees sitting on their hands at the deadline or the Toronto Blue Jays potentially not doing enough to address their rotation, Dorf and Adam take a look at the biggest problems facing MLB contending teams as we approach the final stretch of the season.

Will these problems come back to haunt these certain teams in the postseason? Could these problems even prevent some of these teams from actually making the MLB postseason?

Baseball’s Top Five and Bottom Five of the Week

Who highlighted¬†this week’s top five and bottom five of the week? We’re looking at you Brad Ausmus and Joe Maddon.

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