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The Sandlot Report 35: Baseball’s losing battle with Black America



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How bad do MLB umpires suck?

It was a tough week for Major League umpires last week. From Tampa Bay to a blatant missed balk in Oakland, Dorf takes full aim at just how bad baseball’s officiating has been.

Legalize it! 

What is it time to legalize? Perhaps pitcher grip? John Farrell sounds like an advocate but should MLB pitchers actually be allowed to use a substance on their hands to help grip the baseball better?

Baseball’s losing battle with Black America

There’s no arguing that baseball’s still a pretty popular sport in the United States but it may have an ever growing problem on it’s hands. Appealing to a younger generation and perhaps Black America as a whole. Is the game still living in the past? Do they need a new marketing strategy? What does baseball need to do to get on board with maybe not just Black America but minorities as a whole in the United States?

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