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The Majors College Football Picks Week 16: Army vs. Navy tiebreaker



With the regular season at it’s end, JQ3 and Josh Houslander have clinched their respective conference and earn a spot to pick the college football playoff in a few weeks. Ryan McCumber will also make those picks finishing second in THEMAJORS.NET Conference. However second place still has yet to be determined in the TMSNX RADIO Conference so Dorf and Adam will pick the Army/Navy game to determine the tie breaker.

Check out their picks below!

Week Sixteen Games

Navy vs. Army +15

 *Picks in BOLD

TMSNXRadio Conference

Adam Hernandez – Detroit Sports Edge
Navy vs. Army +15
T:56 – Over

Week: 0-1-0
Previous Week: 4-1-0
Season: 39-37-0

Navy vs. Army +15
T:56 – Under

Week: 1-0-0
Previous Week: 4-1-0
Season: 40-36-0



1. JQ3 39-36-0**
2. Ryan McCumber 37-38-0 (-2)*
3. Whittico 36-39-0 (-3)
4. Jason Bray 29-46-0 (-7)
5. Downtown 23-52-0 (-16)

TMSNXRadio Conference

1. Josh Houslander 40-35-0**
2. Dorf 40-36-0 (-.5)*
3. Adam Hernandez 39-36-0 (-1)
4. Bell 37-38-0 (-3)
5. Nick Houslander 25-50-0 (-15)

* Clinched Playoff Berth
** Conference Champion


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