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Swedish captain wants nothing to do with Silver medal after Canada wins World Juniors


World Juniors

Last night, Canada capped off their run in the World Juniors by defeating Sweden in the Gold Medal Game 3-1. The highlight of the evening however wasn’t the jubilation on the side of the Canadiens, it was the disgust on the side of the Swedes, notably captain Lias Andersson (a New York Rangers first round pick) who was having none of the bullshit that a silver medal brings.

So what did he do? Firsty try and reject having that turd on a rope hung around his neck then chuck it into the crowd for someone else to deal with.

Props too to the guy who caught it who went from a Rochester Americans sweater, to a 1980 Miracle on Ice to a Team Sweden thread.

Finally though, Lias looked ready to chuck the second place trophy into the stands as well before the fun police came in with the stop.

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