Cleveland Cavaliers

It sounds like LeBron James wants to beat Kyrie Irving’s ass


The situation with the Cavs continues to deteriorate, even after the team signed Derrick Rose late Monday afternoon.

Cleveland’s offseason may have gotten much worse when Stephen A. Smith revealed on his show that sources close to the LeBron James camp indicated that he (LeBron) would be tempted to “beat Kyrie’s ass) if the two were to meet in person.

You can listen to the audio below:

It’s hard to understand the Cavs moving forward – current team intact – with a potentially volatile situation brewing between Irving and James. It’s shit like this that can destroy an entire season before it even begins.

However based on the point guard trade market and the rumors regarding Irving wanting out of Cleveland going public, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly the Cavs could get in return for their disillusioned guard. Chicago’s inept front office may have screwed Cleveland when they scored a roll of duct tape for Jimmy Butler. Meanwhile, any leverage the Cavs had in a potentially Kyrie market was somewhat sunk when it was revealed he wanted a trade.

Bottom line, it may get worse in Cleveland before it gets better.

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