Ryan Tannehill’s wife leaves a huge rifle behind in a rental car



Lauren Tannehill the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, was cruising with some pretty intense looking fire power. This was apparently the case when a mother and daughter found a large rifle in the backseat of a rental car Lauren Tannehill returned.

Gun experts say that kind of a rifle shoots one round at a time and a magazine allows for 30 bullets. Upgrades can hold as many as 100, they said. Justin Lampert, an owner of National Armory, a gun store and gun range in Pompano Beach, said because there are “much better guns for defensive purposes,” this rifle is used mostly for collectors, gun-range enthusiasts and hunting, especially of boars.

According to the Miami Sun-Sentinel, the rifle retails for around $2,000.

Investigators though determined that the gun was legally owned by Ryan Tannehill so no charges were pressed.

And what would a Lauren Tannehill story be without a Lauren Tannehill slideshow?

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