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What is Tony Romo’s future with the Cowboys?



Does the future of Tony Romo with the Cowboys rest on their upcoming divisional round playoff game against the Packers?

If Green Bay beats Dallas on Sunday, you may bet on Jerry Jones making an ill advised decision to keep Romo around while Dak Prescott rides the pine in 2017. However if Dallas holds on for a win tomorrow afternoon we may not know what happens to the veteran Romo until the Cowboys face Atlanta in the NFC Championship game next weekend.

But lets say hypothetically Dallas is able to advance to the Super Bowl, win and Jones makes the decision to dump Romo. Where could he wind up?

  • Denver Broncos: John Elway is known for going to get that veteran quarterback which could work out considering the wide-out duo of Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.
  • Houston Texans: Even though the Texans made the playoffs and beat the Raiders in the Wild Card round, Brock Osweiler
    struggled a ton this season. Not to mention the addition of Romo could help in the further development of  Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins.
  • New York Jets: I’m sure it’s safe to write-off Geno Smith as a bust while Ryan Fitzpatrick was a turnover machine. With that said the Jets could be a good landing spot for Romo. Having Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Matt Forte around with a healthy Romo could put some life into that New York offense.

However there are a few things to keep in mind when pursuing Romo…

  • Is the veteran QB one hit away from everything being over for him?
  • Is his $24.7 million dollar contract for 2017-2018 contract worth it?
  • Do teams have enough to give up for what Jerry Jones will want?




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