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Robert Kraft trolls the Manning family after the Super Bowl


Robert Kraft

As Peyton Manning was riding the coattails of the Denver Broncos defense all the way to his second Super Bowl win, Patriots owner Robert Kraft had a pretty clear message for the Manning family. Here’s what Kraft told  Maria Stephanos of WCVB-TV in the wake of the Peyton and Eli securing four rings between the two of them. 

“I happened to see Archie [Manning] there. He has two sons who have won two Super Bowls [each]. But with all due respect, we have one son who has won four.”

Granted the Patriots would probably have more rings if it wasn’t for that damn Eli and the New England offense getting punked in Denver but still, that was a pretty nasty burn from Kraft.

Peyton though made a little history Sunday night. He’s the first quarterback in NFL history to win the Super Bowl on a team named after a baby horse and a team named after an adult horse. Thanks to Goof Juice for making mention of that.

h/t: For the Win

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