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The Reds troll Cubs fans despite their own sharp decline in attendance



Friday night the Cincinnati Reds video board operators at the Great American Ballpark had some fun with the visiting Chicago Cubs fans.

In a bit called Bandwagon Cam, the stadium camera focused on on a select few of Cubs fans in the stands and posted witty bandwagon phrases underneath their picture, like labeling on guy as being a “White Sox fan in 2005”.

It was pretty funny.

However in a bit of irony, the Reds saw a sharp decline attendance in 2016 when compared to their 2015 numbers.

Last season, the Great American Ballpark tallied 1,894,085  total fans through the gates which was 525,421 less than what came through the prior season.

The bandwagon criticism is a stigma that’s latched on to Cubs fans for a while now. To add it probably won’t get much better for them coming off a World Series win. However the Reds might want to pump the breaks on this stadium bit, at least until their own attendance numbers improve.

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