Boston Red Sox

A “Racism is as American as baseball” banner was hung from the Red Sox’s green monster


During tonight’s Athletics and Red Sox game from Fenway, spectators out in left field hung a large black banner from the Green Monster wall that read “Racism is as American as baseball”.

The Red Sox have yet to issue a statement on what happened but ended up removing the spectators from Fenway.

That statement is somewhat ambiguous so it’s hard to draw a definitive conclusion whether or not they were celebrating the statement. However it will be a little difficult to give these guys the benefit of the doubt considering Fenway’s recent history with racially contentious situations. Earlier this season a Red Sox fan yelled a racial slur at Orioles outfielder Adam Jones. Boston has also gotten some backlash for naming the street in front of Fenway “Yawkey Way” after former owner Tom Yawkey who was believed to have been a racist who shuttered at the thought of hiring black people.

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