Pittsburgh puts Miami’s playoff hopes on their asses



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Pittsburgh has potentially set the college football playoff rankings on fire as the Panthers once again scored an upset over a top three AP team.

Friday, Pittsburgh stunned No. 2 Miami 24-14 ending the longest FBS winning streak at 15 while once again reeking havoc with an ACC team during the regular season. Last season, Pitt was able to stun Clemson only to have the Tigers go on to win the National Championship in their own stunning win over Alabama.

Whether or not the same thing happens to Miami is yet to be seen, however the Hurricanes haven’t had their postseason hopes totally dashed.

Both Miami and Clemson are on a collision course in the ACC Championship Game next weekend and a victory over the one-loss defending Champions will more than likely propel the Canes into the playoffs. Likewise a win for Clemson will surely mean the Tigers will be able to defend their title amongst the group of final four.

If anything though this clears the way for a lot of questions when it comes to those final spots in the CFB.

Alabama and the ACC winner seem like certainties. Likewise I’ll go ahead and say Oklahoma makes it in as well. Beyond that, you’d have to figure if Wisconsin ends up winning the Big Ten they’ll be in as well. However if Wisconsin loses in the Big Ten Championship game even more chaos would stricken the top of the CFB rankings.

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