PHOTOS: Kate Upton letting them all hang out in Mexico with Verlander


Because a first half  ERA in the high 4’s (4.88 to be exact) and a WHIP of 1.46 won’t get you to the All-Star game, Tigers’ ace Justin Verlander flew south of the border with girlfriend Kate Upton for a little down time until games resume on Friday. Even without numbers rivaling a good beer league softball pitcher it’s a long season and JV certainly deserves taking some time off with Ms. Upton without having to think about baseball. Hell Verlander even mentioned he wasn’t going to pick up a baseball during his short time off:

“I’m not saying where I’m going. All the work I’ve put it in has taken a bit of a toll, so I’m going to take the four days, not pick up a baseball, let the body heal, and come back ready for a strong second half.  I’m not going to get my mind off pitching.”

But this shouldn’t be a post about Verlander’s mechanics or what he isn’t doing on the mound. It should be about what Kate Upton is wearing (or attempting to wear) in these photos… damn.

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h/t: Busted Coverage, It’s Always Sunny in Detroit

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