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Penn State elected Jay Paterno to the board of trustees and gave the Sandusky victims a big middle finger


Penn State

Friday, Penn State University thought “the hell with the optics” and elected Joe Paterno‘s son, Jay Paterno to the board of trustees.

Here’s a statement from the the Trustee Election (posted by Jay Paterno) in which they actually had the balls to quote Abraham Lincoln.

So what are those optics?

Apparently Penn State continues to give zero fucks when it comes to the lack of distance they’ve given themselves from the Jerry Sandusky school of child rape that hung over the campus for over three decades. And no I’m not eluding to Joe Paterno himself taking part in the perverted escapades of NAMBLA University, however people would have to be naive to think Joe Paterno wasn’t aware of what exactly was going on at his facilities. Not to mention it continued to get worse for those who thought Paterno wasn’t complicit in the sense of being a total enabler of Sandusky, especially when it was revealed that JoePa allegedly ignored a child’s plea for help back in 1976 because he had a “football season to worry about”.

But I guess that falls in line with the priorities over at State College. Lets’ continue to shit on Sandusky’s victims for the sake of getting a Paterno back into the fold. Again despite that name being connected with the most vile and sad eras of sports in the United States.

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