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Oh my god Stefon Diggs!


Stefon Diggs

In what may end up being the best postseason game of the NFL playoffs this season the Minnesota Vikings walked off with a 29-24 win over the New Orleans Saints after Case Keenum connected with Stefon Diggs for a 61-yard TD pass in the NFC Divisional Round game from Minneapolis.

After trading field goals in the final couple of minutes of the fourth, the Saints had this game won with the Vikings without a time out and pretty much out of field goal range. However if Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs was the play of the game Marcus Williams not either knocking the ball down or waiting for Diggs to make the catch then tackling him undoubtedly results in the mistake of the game.

Even if Diggs made the catch and was tackled, you’d have to expect there’d be no way the Vikings would be able to rush down the field, and either spike the ball to stop the clock or hit the field goal on a running clock.

And with that, the conference finals are set in both the AFC and NFC. Next weekend, the Jaguars will play the Patriots in New England while the Vikings will travel to Philadelphia to play the Eagles.

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