O.J. Simpson was parrolled and probably made a ton of money while in prison


O.J. Simpson

The Nevada Parole Board determined Thursday at the Lovelock Correctional Facility that former NFL running back O.J. Simpson would be eligible for parole come October 1st.

Simpson’s pending release comes after serving the minimum nine years of his original 33-year sentence stemming from a 2008 armed robbery conviction involving personal memorabilia. That 2008 conviction came 13 years after he was acquitted for the double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in what was one of the most watched and publicized trials in the history of the United States justice system.

Unlike his mid 90’s trial, Simpson did a lot of talking this time around. In fact he may have done too much talking.

When asked what was going through his mind the day of the robberies Simpson rambled on recounting his side of the story as if he was once again being put on trial for same exact crime.

Simpson’s ego during today’s hearing also helped provide some memorable quotes and head scratching statements. This included mentioning that he’s basically led a “conflict free life” and that he didn’t complete AA coursed (as promised) because his agenda was “full” of church commitments, anti-violence courses and being the commissioner of a prison baseball league.

Other notable statements include Simpson saying that he’s “not a guy that’s lived a criminal life” and that “no one has ever accused (him) of pulling a weapon on them” which of course is a little hard to do when the person you pulled a weapon on is dead.

But what happened in the 90’s with that particular trial should have had no baring on today’s decision, unlike his 2008 conviction.

In the end, it didn’t considering O.J. is going to be a free man.

O.J. probably made a shit ton of money in prison

ESPN’s Darren Rovell calculated how much money Simpson may have made in prison as he continued to benefit off his NFL pension.

According to Rovell, Simpson made approximately $602,205 while behind bars based on his original pension figures and how the 2011 NFL/player settlement factored into the final number. This included being paid roughly $4,034 a month.

Add to that the reality TV deals that are sure to be coming his way and the O.J. will probably be doing pretty well for himself in the days and weeks after his release in early October.


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