North Carolina’s Joel Berry broke his hand after playing a video game


Joel Berry

Photo: 247 Sports

Offseason injuries are always peculiar when it comes to major college programs.

Take for instance North Carolina starting guard Joel Berry who broke his hand and will not miss four weeks of the Tar Heels‘ season. It’s a shitty predicament for UNC who now embarks on yet another season without a key player in tow. And yes these things tend to happen, but the question remains as to how. Was he helping an old lady with her groceries? Did he save a dog from a house fire?

Nope, apparently the injury came after the senior guard punched a door after losing a video game to Theo Pinson and a UNC basketball manager, all of which was confirmed by head coach Roy Williams during the ACC media day.

Obviously more questions have to be answered and in some cases they have. First who’ll fill in for Berry during the four weeks (at least) he’ll be out? Williams mentioned¬†sophomore Seventh Woods and freshman Jalek Felton will likely rotate in and out of the position while Berry is sidelined with Pinson also being an option.

Okay that’s great and all but the even bigger question is what was the game that cost the Tar Heels a key member of their rotation?

These things just need to be answered.

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