This may be Phil Jackson sleeping on a New York City bus


What the hell did the New York Knicks do to Phil Jackson?

Last night the Knicks dropped their 34th game of the season in a road loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. And while doing so Knicks president Phil Jackson may (or may not) have been found sleeping on public transit in New York City.


As you can see this picture was posted at 8 pm Wednesday night. The Knicks and Thunder tipped off at 9:30 pm eastern time from OKC so it’s certainly plausible the Zen Master was getting in a quick cat nap before settling in to watch his team continue to piss away the season. Then again there’s still some question as to whether or not this is actually Phil Jackson or if this was actually taken last night.

If it is however Jackson, is James Dolan that cheap to force his team president to ride around town on a bus?

h/t: @ChasingJason

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