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Marlins Man will miss his first World Series in five years because of d-bag Cleveland fans


Marlins Man

Miami-based attorney Laurence Leavy, better known to the world as “Marlins Man” will miss his first World Series in five-years tonight out of fear for his safety according to Darren Rovell and Leavy himself.

“Marlins Man” has made a name for himself with his signature bright orange Marlins jersey and the fact he’s at just about every big game imaginable. Seriously this guy has to be living the dream. Anyways, Leavy apparently had to be escorted out of Progressive earlier this year once again due to assholes in Cleveland starting shit with him.

Seriously don’t people have anything better to do at games? I mean your team is in the World Series for Christ’s sake! Then again last I checked Donald Trump had a slight lead in Ohio. Perhaps these clowns are looking to “make America great again”?

Also if you’re wondering, Leavy is will be hoping for a Cubs victory tonight.

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