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The Majors LIVE 262: When it comes to Peyton Manning, the NFL just can’t be trusted (AUDIO)



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With Peyton Manning getting cleared but he NFL of any wrongdoing when it comes to that documentary from Al-Jazeera claiming a connection between the former QB and HGH, can the NFL really be trusted? Not that it really matters in the end with Peyton Manning since he’s retired but can the NFL really be taken at their word when conducting their own investigation? I mean this is the same organization that was only going to give Ray Rice a two-game suspension, rip off the vets with their military themed gear, allowed Greg Hardy to keep playing, all the concussion screw ups and the list goes on…

Also on this week’s show:

  • The IOC essentially lets Team Russia off the hook.
  • What does a nation have to do to get banned from the Olympics.
  • Team Chris Sale or Team White Sox

Plus much more!



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