It looked as though Mike Pence was protesting during the entrance of Team Korea at the Opening Ceremony


Opening Ceremony

United States vice president Mike Pence and “Mother” appeared to be the only two in the VIP box at the Opening Ceremony last night to remain seated during the entrance of Team Korea, a unified team consisting of both North and South Korean athletes.

It’s been suggested that Pence’s stance – or lack-there-of – was done in response to the death of Otto Warmbier whose father was a guest of Pence. The VP also met with North Korean defectors prior to attending the Opening Ceremony which certainly had to of chap the ass of the Kim Jong Un regime.

Nonetheless, wasn’t it Pence who suggested there was a time and a place for protesting and it shouldn’t come during a time of national ceremony?

Not that North Korean government shouldn’t be criticized in every sense. They’re a detestable regime who’ve starved and murdered their own people. However it wasn’t just North Koreans marching into the Opening Ceremony last night. Nonetheless it’s not the North Korean people who should be being protested by U.S. leaders. For all we know, those North Koreans marching last night with the unified Korean team could very well be victims of the brutal Kim Jong Un regime themselves.

What do you think “Mother”?

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