Kobe Bryant Headed to Italy?


Kobe Bryant and the team Virtus Bologna are working “very intensely” to get the all-star signed to the team. Earlier this week it was reported that the deal is going to be a 10-game contract worth more than $3 million dollars. The management of Virtus Bologna said they want their opening games played in Italy’s biggest arenas and bringing in Kobe Bryant would help bring in a lot of revenue and popularity to the team. It’s being said that Kobe wants to return to Italy which is where he lived as a kid.

For Bryant to be available for the teams first game on Sunday, they have to get a deal done before the end of the week. It’s being said that if they can’t get the deal done before the first game, they think they’ll have Bryant for the second game for sure. Something that should help Kobe’s decision is the NBA planning on cancelling all of it preseason games.

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