Welcome to The Majors Sports Network: Your TOTAL Sports Network! Here at The Majors we strive to provide you the fan the latest in sports news and rumors from around the country and soon the world!

Our History

The Majors Sports Network (TMSNX) was started in February of 2009 by Adam Hernandez. Originally The Majors only focused on the Detroit and State of Michigan sports scenes bringing those fans the latest on what was happening with their pro and amateur sports franchises. Since 2009 The Majors has broadened it’s focus from not only one market but a national market as well.

Our Goal

What we are looking to do at TMSNX is become more of a sports community to the fans. Instead of just posting stale news stories like a certain four letter network or YouTube videos like a competitor of ours in the Detroit area we will provide that happy medium of both sports news and multimedia that can appeal to any type of sports fan looking for the latest in NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, MMA and much more!

We also look to expand further into other sports markets around the United States and Canada eventually reaching a global fan base.