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Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar part two is actually going to happen




The Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg rematch is no longer speculative but now a reality.

After 12 years, the Lesnar and Goldberg rematch will take place as Lesnar advocate Paul Heyman called out the former champion during last night’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

In response, Goldberg tweeted the following:

Lesnar/Goldberg part-two is a carryover from Wrestlemania XX from Madison Square Garden when Goldberg was able to defeat the “Beast Incarnate” with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee.

It’s likely the rematch will take place in November during the Survivor Series pay-per view featuring both both RAW and Smackdown Live superstars competing. In fact Jim Ross already reported that the Lesnar and Goldberg match was already signed for Survivor Series however it’s possible the WWE could do some buildup to the match during Hell in a Cell pay-per view coming up on October 30th.

In actuality the Lesnar/Goldberg rematch couldn’t have come at a better time for the WWE. First the WWE is capitalizing in a big way on the continued marketing for WWE 2K17 but the wrestling promotion has also been suffering in the ratings the past several weeks due to the return of the NFL, playoff baseball and presidential political season.


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