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Final Four: Gonzaga defeats South Carolina to make first National Title Game


Final Four

Gonzaga hung on to beat South Carolina 77-73 in the Final Four becoming the first team in the Tournament to punch their ticket to the National Title Game against either North Carolina or Oregon.

It was also Gonzaga’s first trip to the title game in school history which given given their regional placement in the dance, what better chance did they have than this postseason?

Avoiding the likes of Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville and Villanova who all fell in other regions while also missing out on Arizona within their own bracket, Gonzaga’s run to the Final Four and eventual Title Game maybe couldn’t have been paved any better for them.

However unlike the aforementioned power teams, Gonzaga won Tourney games, took advantage of a snoozer of the bracket and have earned the right to play for a men’s college basketball championship.

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