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The FBI investigated Bobby Knight for groping women


Bobby Knight

Former college basketball head coach Bobby Knight was the focus of a FBI investigation stemming from allegations that he inappropriately touched women at the U.S. Spy Agency of all places. In a report from the Washington Post four women accused the former coach of groping them before he was scheduled to give a speech back in July of 2015. The WP further cited investigative documents and interviews with more than a dozen NGA officials.

Four women who worked at the spy agency alleged that Knight had groped or touched them inappropriately in brief encounters before and after his speech, according to investigative documents and interviews with more than a dozen NGA officials.

The allegations, which have not been previously made public, led to criminal investigations by the FBI and the U.S. Army. The Pentagon, Congress and other intelligence agencies in Washington were alerted.

The women accused Knight according to the report of touching them on the shoulder while commenting on their attractiveness of their legs, hugging them around the chest too tightly and hitting them on the butt.

In 2016 the FBI interviewed Knight at his Montana home where he denied any wrongdoing. From there prosecutors in Virginia declined to press charges and the incidents in question were dropped.

“There is absolutely no credible evidence to support this in our opinion, these allegations,” said James Voyles, an Indianapolis lawyer who represents Knight. The FBI agents, he added, “reported to their superiors that there was no basis for any further action, period.”

Knight is a dirtbag, there’s no question about that. From choking out his own players, to throwing chairs and head butting people it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he partakes in some sexual misconduct as well.

Then again he’s also a Trump supporter and we all know his philosophy when it comes to women and famous men. The things you can get away with.


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