ESPN wondering if Michelle Beadle told Aaron Rodgers “I Just Wanna Get Fucked” after the ESPY’s


Michelle Beadle, host of ESPN’s SportsNation seems to of had a very good time two weeks ago after the networks annual ESPY Awards in Los Angeles.

In fact, she may have had too good of a time.

According to Deadspin.com, the upper brass of ESPN is looking into whether or not Beadle was drunk or taking illegal drugs at the ESPY after parties in and around the Los Angeles area. The accusations and rumors stem from co-workers witnessing the events taking place. Furthermore, ESPN is also looking into whether or not Beadle said anything inappropriate to Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers as witnesses saw them together at nightclubs.

“I saw and talked to Aaron the first night I was there,” Beadle said. “I don’t know the guy or anything, but we [she and her girlfriends] were hanging out with him. But Marcia told me that she heard I had apparently blurted out in front of him, ‘I just wanna get fucked’ very loudly.”

Deadspin.com goes on to say that Beadle has demanded to know which of her colleagues were the ones spreading the rumors and that she wanted to get a lawyer and sue those responsible for slander.

Deadspin.com did cite a source who says that she was so obnoxiously drunk that she was hitting on Aaron Rodgers and when she didn’t get anywhere with him she moved onto his teammate Clay Matthews who the source said she ended up having sex with.

“That’s insane,” Beadle said. “I live a much more interesting life in other people’s minds.”

Beadle’s account of her night after the ESPY’s is an innocent night of hanging out with some girlfriends.

Said Beadle: “That was one of the first getaways after I had broken up with Matthew [Barnaby, an ESPN hockey analyst], so I was newly single and just hanging with my girls.

“But I’ve never been the type to be sloppy drunk in public. I’m 35! I know how to drink.”

The general perception of Beadle as ESPN is a good one and many doubt that she will be disciplined because of this writes Deadspin. Like Beadle the rest of the online community would like to know which of her co-workers started talking first. If you ask me my guess would be ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews who also reportedly had a fling with Aaron Rodgers and isn’t a big fan of Beadle.

Source: Deadspin.com

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