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ESPN is getting ready to publish a story highlighting a major Patriots power struggle



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ESPN‘s Seth Wickersham is ready to drop bombs on a notion of a well oiled Patriots machine where all the fined tuned pieces in Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft work in harmony with each other.

According to Wickersham’s report that set to be released Friday, a major power struggle between that all important Patriots trio has developed over who deserves the most credit for the dynasty that has transpired for well over 15 years.

That rift is also apparently so bad that according to Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch, many Patriots players believe that this could be the last season in which all three (Kraft, Brady and Belichick) remain together in New England. More so the article will allege that it was Brady who went to Kraft lobbying for him to force Belichick to trade his then backup Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers.

There’s already been some dissent when it comes to impending article. Jason La Canfora has already come out to say that people shouldn’t buy into what is being reported. Meanwhile PFT’s Mike Florio reports that ESPN will have Wickersham stand alone in his take that Brady forced the Garoppolo trade.

However despite the skepticism there has been signs of potential fallout between Brady and Belichick stemming from the Patriots head coach banning the quarterback’s trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero, from boarding the team plane or standing on the sideline. This was according to the Boston Globe‘s Bob Hohler.

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