Enes Kanter receives death threats after failed coup in Turkey


Enes Kanter

Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter is suffering fallout after the failed military coup in Turkey this past weekend.

Wednesday, the Turkish native revealed on Twitter he’s receiving death threats after last week’s failed attempt to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan government that resulted in almost 300 deaths and thousands arrested.

The 24-year old big man later posted on Twitter in Turkish:

“Death threats continue to fall,” Kanter posted on Twitter, in Turkish. “Prayer does not stand still.”

Kanter has long been a very vocal opponent of President Erdogan’s government which continues to trend towards a more religious state resulting in jailed journalist and censored media. Kanter became more outspoken about Erdogan after the terrorist bombings in the Turkish capital of Ankara that killed 37 and injured more than 100.

Last year, Kanter was left off the Turkish national team, a move he believes was due to his political opinions, something the team denies.

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