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Dirk Nowitzki might be a horrible businessman



After re-signing with the Mavericks on a two-year, $10 million deal which came after the team declined a $25 million dollar option many have taken note that Dirk Nowitzki once again gave Dallas a discount on the new deal. To be precise however this according to the Business Insider is the third time Nowitzki gave the Mavs a hometown discount of sorts which has ultimately resulted in a staggering monetary loss for the NBA veteran.

As many have noted, this is the third time Nowitzki has given the Mavs a considerable discount on a contract. But in reality, his discounts actually started before that. In 2006, Nowitzki still had two years remaining on his original rookie extension when he agreed to another extension worth $59 million over three years. If he had not taken that deal, he would have been eligible in 2008 for a six-year, $158 million max contract as a 10-year veteran, which would have come before the NBA started to curb salaries in 2011.

Business Insider goes on to note that based on further opt outs and what he may have been eligible to receive back in 2014 Nowitzki may have received a total career earnings up to this point that hovers around $446 million. Instead, Nowtizki is looking at career earnings (again up to this point) of $252 million, $194 million less than that potential max number.

Granted the numbers are based on hypotheticals but they are clearly eye-popping. It’ll further add to a the debate in pro sports as to whether or not loyalty and day-to-day logistical satisfaction should take precedent over your bottom line.

Sure over $250 million earned throughout a career isn’t going to leave the Mavs star hurting for money. However if sports is strictly looked as a business, Dirk has to be one of the worst businessmen the professional world has ever seen.


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