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Who didn’t survive Black Monday in the NFL?



In typical fashion, Black Monday in the NFL was very unforgiving to head coaches who failed to live up to expectations across the League. From Detroit, to Indianapolis to Chicago, it’ll certainly be a busy offseason the NFL coaching carousel goes into full swing ahead of Wild Card Weekend next Saturday.

So who got canned? Lets take a look at the latest job openings in the League:

Chuck Pagano – Indanapolis Colts

Chuck Pagano seemed to be on borrowed time his past couple of seasons in Indianapolis as the team failed to find a recipe for success even when Andrew Luck was healthy. Still though, Pagano seemed to be in a losing situation given how poorly the front office came through in producing a serviceable roster on the field.

Next in line? I’d keep an eye on Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels who’s likely to get a second chance at an NFL head coaching gig.

Our Prediction: Josh McDaniels

Jim Caldwell – Detroit Lions

On the surface some may question why Caldwell was let go by the Lions. I mean during his four years in the Motor City he became the most successful head coach – winning percentage wise – gave Detroit their first back-to-back winning seasons since 1993-95 and took the Lions to the playoffs in two out of those four seasons.

Caldwell’s ultimate downfall however was apparently his inability to capitalize on those strides.

In each of those trips to the playoffs, Detroit still has only one playoff win in the Super Bowl era and failed to reach the postseason in 2017 despite having a deck stacked in their favor.

Next in line? Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia seems to be at the top of former New England front office hand and current Lions GM Bob Quinn’s list. The Lions may also have the most appealing opening of the bunch considering Matthew Stafford is currently in his prime and a roster with plenty of workable pieces.

Houston defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel, Carolina defensive coordinator Steve Wilks and Minnesota offensive coordinator Pat Shumur have also been getting some consideration.

Our Prediction: Matt Patricia

John Fox – Chicago Bears

John Fox was an absolute disaster in Chicago. After experiencing success in Carolina and Denver, Fox suffered double-digit losses in each of his three seasons with the Bears.

In any sense, Fox and Bears fans alike are undoubtedly pretty pleased with this mercy offing.

Next in line? I’d expect the Bears to target Josh McDaniels in this case as well given the commitment to a young quarterback in Mitch Trubisky. Bears fans will also want to keep an eye on Pat Shurmur of the Vikings as well as Mike Vrabel of the Texans.

Our Prediction: Pat Shurmur



Jack Del Rio – Oakland Raiders

Del Rio was actually fired over the weekend in the wake of Oakland’s 30-10 loss to the Chargers. Del Rio’s firing also comes in the midst of receiving an extension last season and the rumors surrounding the return of Jon Gruden. Nonetheless the Raiders better be sure about Gruden’s return since the Del Rio ouster may be a move the team may soon regret.

Next in line? It’s Jon Gruden or bust.

Our Prediction: Jon Gruden


Photo: Bleacher Report

Bruce Arians – Arizona Cardinals

Technically not a Black Monday casualty since Arians left on his own terms it’s still an opening in the National Football League that’ll garner some attention given the team’s lack of a long-term commitment at the quarterback position.

Next in line? Given the passing-minded system Arians left in place I’d expect to GM Steve Keim to look for a successor who also favors the traditional drop back passer. You can probably once again look for Josh McDaniels and Pat Shumur to get plenty of looks here. Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy may also get some consideration.

Our Prediction: Matt Nagy


Photo: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Ben McAdoo – New York Giants

Again, technically not a Black Monday casualty as McAdoo was fired around midseason the Giants opening will be an interesting one to take into consideration. Notably due to the fact that there’s plenty of areas for a new head coach to make their mark in the League due to the many holes New York will need to fill this offseason.

Next in line? The Giants have been said to be considering Matt Patricia for an interview however John Mara reportedly prefers a candidate with prior head coaching experience. On that note look for the G-Men to give plenty of consideration to former Lions head coach and current Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

Our Prediction: Jim Schwartz


Photo: WISN

Ted Thompson – Green Bay Packers

Not a head coach and he wasn’t actually fired, Green Bay announced Monday that their longtime GM would be transitioning to a new role with the team. In any sense the biggest fan of this move – aside from the general consensus of Packers Nation – is Aaron Rodgers who may finally get that much-needed help put around him.

Next in line? Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst are internal options who are getting their names thrown around. Russ Ball is also reportedly getting some consideration as well.

Our Prediction: Russ Ball

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