Victor Martinez is apparently an “entitled” ass clown causing problems in the Tigers’ clubhouse


Victor Martinez

Justification continues to mount when it comes to the idea of the Tigers releasing Victor Martinez.

Aside from his health issues, standing in the way of Miguel Cabrera making a full-time shift to the DH spot and him just being an overall awful player now, you have this report from the Freep’s Anthony Fenech who writes that V-Mart is seen as “entitled” and causing problems in the clubhouse.

The Tigers’ private clubhouse rift reveals itself publicly.

Their frustrating season festered to the point of in-fighting, when television cameras caught an animated exchange between Verlander and Victor Martinez following a benches-clearing episode with the Yankees.

During the exchange, Martinez advanced towards Verlander and was held back by third baseman Castellanos.

Prior to the exchange, Martinez was seen playing peacemaker with Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez – who threw punches at both Castellanos and first baseman Miguel Cabrera during the sixth-inning brawl – and righty reliever Dellin Betances, who had just hit catcher James McCann in the head with a fastball.

The situation pitted a pair of veteran players who are publicly seen as team leaders. It also illuminated a reality about Martinez: for the past two seasons, according to those inside the Tigers clubhouse, the 38-year-old designated hitter became an entitled player and a clubhouse problem whose positive influence diminished as his performance declined.

In addition to this, Fenech also brings to light an incident that happened on August 27th of last season when the Tigers lost to the Angels. During that game, four Tigers were ejected for arguing balls and strikes, including Martinez. Citing people with first hand knowledge of the situation when the team returned to the clubhouse at the end of the game according to Fenech, Martinez was no where to be found.

Things escalated when Martinez got wind of what happened and proceeded to single out an unidentified player for starting a “whisper campaign” against him. From there the two had to be separated after V-Mart made the confrontation on the matter. Moreover it was that incident (along with his declining skill set) that put into motion Martinez’s fall from a leadership role with the team.

Now if this is all the case, you can only assume things are going to be worse next season. If Martinez returns and him sucking is a variable when it comes to being a huge douchebag then it only makes sense his “entitled” nature will be ever so prevalent in 2018. Especially on a bad team.

Then you have to ask yourself how this shitty attitude rubs off on impressionable rookies who’ll undoubtedly play a bigger role on this team next season?

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