Unsurprisingly Bill Laimbeer would take LeBron James over Michael Jordan


Bill Laimbeer

As tired as it may be, the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James argument is one that probably won’t be leaving the NBA anytime soon, especially with the Cavaliers back in the Finals. On that note, one of the remaining interesting takes on the debate are those from former NBA players who had the chance to actually play against Jordan.

Take for instance former Pistons bad boy Bill Laimbeer who threw his support behind LeBron during The Rematch Podcast. 

Via Bleacher Report:

“I’ll take LeBron James, absolutely,” Laimbeer said to Etan Thomas on The Rematch podcast (h/t Marlowe Alter of the Detroit Free Press, via USA Today).

Laimbeer pointed to James’ overall skill set in the comparison: “LeBron can do anything. Michael couldn’t get all the rebounds. He couldn’t be the assist man like LeBron James can. He was very focused on scoring, a deadly assassin, but the rest of the part of his game, LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.”

Despite playing against Jordan, Laimbeer’s opinion isn’t surprising and may be taken with a grain of salt considering the rivalry between the Pistons and Bulls during the late 80’s and early 90’s. In any sense, even with LeBron still tearing it up and a member of the rival Cavs, I’m sure Pistons fans who can remember the Jordan Bulls days would prefer Laimbeer to put his support in King James’ corner rather than MJ’s.

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