Two teams have called the Lions about trading for Calvin Johnson’s rights


Calvin Johnson

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Ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline, there’s at least two teams interested in adding a 32-year-old receiver who hasn’t played since 2015.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Lions have been fielding a couple of interested teams who may be looking to acquire Calvin Johnson who again retired from the NFL back in 2016. In turn the Lions – who appear willing to deal if the offer is right – told inquiring organizations to gauge Johnson’s interest which Schefter writes has for the most part been “noncommittal at best”.


Johnson, 32, who announced his retirement in March 2016, would have to be willing to play for any team that traded for his rights. There remains doubt that Johnson, who has not played since the 2015 season, would even be willing to return.

Johnson has told ESPN many times he is not returning to football.

As far as those two teams go, early speculation is it could be the Eagles and Jaguars after Chris Mortensen appeared on Mike and Mike Monday where he stated which two teams could be interested in making a run for Megatron before the deadline.

One tweet in particular twisted Mort’s words around to make it seem as though it was in fact the Eagles and Jaguars making the initial inquiries into Johnson.

However here’s what Mortensen actually said during the Mike and Mike segment this morning (via Bleeding Green Nation):

“I’ll say long shot chances. Really, to be honest with you, [Adam Schefter] is my total source here. Adam’s done the reporting on this. And there are some funny stories behind it, which we may not have time to tell.”

“But I’ll say this: the speculation has been the Philadelphia Eagles. Once again, they need a tackle. They’re 7-1. They have only a first round pick next year and three fours. They don’t have a second and third round pick, that’s not good. What’s it going to take to get Calvin Johnson, who, by the way, his base salary is still on the books for $16 million. Calvin has been working out, I guess, but does he really want to play? Jacksonville, their ears are perked up. Chances are, I don’t think it happens. Detroit obviously owns his rights there.”

Off hand it still doesn’t seem very plausible Johnson gets dealt. First you’ll need to find an interested team. Second those interested teams will need to be of interest to Calvin. Third those teams will need to have the assets that’ll interest the Lions. Fourth the interested team will need enough under the cap to make Johnson’s $16 million work.

If there’s enough interest to go around then a deal gets done. Obviously. But at this point that’s a lot of interest. Shit.




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