Today the Lions interviewed Matt Patricia and trolled the Green Bay Packers



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That long awaited interview with Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia finally happened today. This is according to the Lions themselves who continue to live up to their word of notifying the public when an interview has taken place. Thanks Bob!

No further information has come out regarding the interview, not in terms of a handshake agreement being made, TB12 workout methods or what kind of snacks Quinn and Patricia enjoyed while they discussed the juicy details surrounding the Wickersham article.

What’s still being assumed is Patricia is still the favorite for the Lions head coaching vacancy and that time will tell whether or not he’ll be introduced in Allen Park in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Bob Quinn was a bit of a savage today when it came to the Green Bay Packers.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Lions blocked Teryl Austin from interviewing with the Pack which comes in the wake of Detroit sitting down with Green Bay coach Winston Moss Thursday.

Harsh Quinn…


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