This time around, the Lions can’t complete the comeback: The Good, the Bad, the Dirty



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The Lions have often times played with fire when it came to coming back from deficits. Under most circumstances they’ve been successful, until Sunday when Cam Newton and the Panthers burned them. Unfortunately Matthew Stafford and the Lions weren’t able to overcome their deficit and fell to Carolina 27-24 bumping their record to 3-2 on the season.

The Good: Matthew Stafford continues to be effective, even when injured

In most cases, it’s hard to find a silver lining coming out of a loss, especially given Matthew Stafford will be heading into next week probably not completely healthy. The Lions’ revamped offensive line has all of a sudden found themselves having trouble protecting Stafford who was sacked a total of six times. Yet the Lions starter was still able to be effective finishing 23-of-35 for 229 yards and two touchdowns. Either way, when you’re on your back for a good portion of the game, coming out relatively in one piece with no turnovers is a net positive in and of itself.

Player of the Game: Carolina QB, Cam Newton

The Bad: Droptimus Prime

I saw that headline somewhere to describe Lions tight end Eric Ebron after today’s game which certainly fits considering he dropped a sure touchdown in the first half. Could it have been all the difference in a three point game? It could have but let’s not say the Lions surely would have won if Ebron caught that ball. However dropping passes has been Ebron’s M.O. throughout most of his career. A career that started out as a first round draft pick and a guy that was suppose to be a formidable foe for opposing secondaries. The reality though is Ebron is just not that good and continues to be a liability.

The Deflated Game Ball: Lions TE, Eric Ebron

The Dirty: Offensive line struggles

Perhaps the most serious issue coming out of this game is the health of Matthew Stafford and whether or not this team can afford another sub par game from the offensive line. Lets be honest with ourselves here, if Stafford gets injured, even to the point where he’s playing hurt, there’s nothing in the quarterback cupboard that’ll save the Lions. The season will be lost.

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