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The Justin Verlander and Kate Upton leaked pics



The Justin Verlander and Kate Upton leaked nudes were all the talk this past weekend (along with the rest of the celebrity photos that were apparently hacked and posted on the net). You’re also probably assuming since we’re not a site that generally shy’s away from that kind of material you’d be able to see those same pics posted here. Although it is true that we usually embrace such controversy to avoid being the same vanilla and run of the mill sports news sites and blogs out there, we simply cannot directly post the picture in question for a variety of reasons.

Here’s why:

  1. We can’t upset our affiliates with FOX Sports, Yardbarker and MediaStrike. Yeah I know it sounds corporate and lame but frankly posting a picture of Justin Verlander’s ass and a frontal of Kate Upton isn’t worth losing any affiliation with those groups. We’re trying to get more people to read our site not less.
  2. Kate Upton has already threatened legal action against sites posting or disseminating the pictures in question. And much like the first reason why we’re not posting those pictures, getting in a legal battle with Upton over these pics isn’t something we’re interested in taking on.
  3. Finally, there’s that whole privacy and ethical thing that goes along with the JV/Upton pics. We at The Majors discussed how we’d go about addressing this issue and Aaron Eggemeyer brought up a good point, why are we okay with this, but not the NSA spying on us? In short there’s nothing different with the NSA spying on individuals and JV/Upton having their nudes leaked online. They, like the other celebrity photos were illegally obtained by hackers for their own monetary value as Mr. Eggemeyer pointed out. Supporting that type of violation of privacy isn’t something that we can do. 

Also, before you go and call us hypocrites for posting a picture of Kate Upton and Verlander by the pool during the All-Star break there’s a big difference between those pictures and the ones leaked over the weekend. The biggest difference besides the nudity were those pictures taken by the pool were of them out in public and again with bathing suits on. Pictures like those pool shots are also in many ways the price of fame.

However, if you really, really need to see the pics, we really can’t deny you the sweet freedom of living in the good ol’ US of A.

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