Report: The Tigers are ready to deal away veteran pieces if below .500 at the end of june



June appears to be do-or-die for the Detroit Tigers.

According to Jon Morosi who has cited sources close to the organization, if the Tigers are below the .500 mark at the end of June, the team is prepared to make all veterans available come the trade deadline. This in turn would be a change of course from what the team ultimately decided to do in the offseason.

After a lackluster season thus far, its assumed something would have to give sooner or later with this team. Currently the Tigers are two games below the .500 mark and 4.5 back in the AL Central while employing a payroll that’s the fourth highest in all of baseball.

Simply put, if you’re not getting a return on an aging investment it’s probably time to cut bait.

So who could the Tigers part with?

Obviously the first names that come to mind are guys like Ian Kinsler, J.D. Martinez and Justin Upton who are all on expiring deals (Upton has a player option for 2018). However if the Tigers are serious about rebuilding and moving on to another era the front office and fans alike will really have to come to terms with the possibility of Miguel Cabrera and/or Justin Verlander finishing their careers in another Major League city.

Due to their massive contracts, as long as JV or Miggy are on the roster the Tigers can never fully commit to a rebuild.

As it stands right now, Verlander is owed another $56 million through 2019 in addition to a $22 million vesting option. Meanwhile Cabrera still has seven more years and $184 million owed to him so dealing any one of those contracts will be cumbersome for Al Avila. Not to mention both Verlander and Cabrera have 10-and-five rights meaning they can nix any trade put in front of them.

Either way the Tigers need to do something. The currently recipe isn’t working and hasn’t been working for sometime now. So whether that’s firing manager Brad Ausmus, restocking the farm system or bringing in pieces if the team’s above .500 come the end of June something needs to happen.

Standing pat should no longer be an option.

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