The Pistons release their “statement” jersey’s for the upcoming season




Friday the Pistons released their “statement” jersey’s which they’ll wear five times during the 2017-18 season starting on December 30th against the Spurs.

With the NBA and Nike moving away from home and road threads this year, Detroit will now have three uniforms they’ll wear throughout the season. The “Association Edition” will actually just be the old home white’s, the “Icon Edition” will now be the old blue’s and the “Statement Edition” officially are marked as “chrome” to pay homage I’m assuming to the chrome that associates itself with the Motor City.

The jersey itself isn’t bad. I get the “chrome” approach however for aesthetic purposes I kinda wish they’d bring back the red alternates. Just about anything though is better than those nasty “Motor City” jerseys that featured a blue unassociated with the Pistons’ color scheme.


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